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Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited is a team of highly-specialised solicitors who deal exclusively with the defence of criminal road traffic matters.

Our team consists of three road traffic lawyers (one of whom is a former Procurator Fiscal Depute). Details of the team can be found below.

We have offices in Glasgow (opened 2007), Dumfries (opened 2011) and Inverness (opened 2018). Our Edinburgh office has now opened (2019) as we continue to serve drivers facing prosecution in Edinburgh.

We specialise in the following areas:

Dangerous Driving Edinburgh

Careless Driving Edinburgh

Drink-Driving Edinburgh

Speeding Edinburgh

If you require the assistance of a traffic solicitor in Edinburgh call our office today and discuss your road traffic query in confidence.

Our initial advice is always free and, should our services be required, we offer a fixed-fee payment plan.

Road Traffic Offences


S B M Maxwell5/5
I was involved in a road accident in January and subsequently cited on a careless driving charge in June. Being my first offence, I contacted Michael Lyon Solicitors for advice and Ronnie Simpson was assigned to my case. His advice, knowledge & professionalism was exemplary from start to finish and he kept me in the loop during the whole process. Ronnie attended court with me and delivered a plea in mitigation on my behalf enabling me to retain my license with a minimal points endorsement and fine. Would wholeheartedly recommend Michael Lyon Solicitors and Ronnie in particular; thanks again Ronnie.
Lorna Young5/5
Can’t thank Michael Lyon solicitors ,and Ronnie in particular, enough for the professional and thoughtful way they worked on my case. The original charge of dangerous driving was reduced to careless driving which enabled me to hold onto my licence. I felt the whole experience was made much less stressful by Ronnie’s calm manner and in court he represented me exceptionally well. Every call and email was answered promptly and although I hope to never require their help again I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thanks so much
Craig R5/5
Very similar to other reviews, my experience with the team has been a pleasure at every stage, very professional, always contactable and able to put my mind at ease Once Ronnie had read the charge he explained clearly on what he would recommend and more importantly why this was his recommendation, this was due to a particular point of the charge that I would not have spotted myself.
All though the 3 month process Ronnie was first class, I had been thinking the worst and he always kept me positive. I was represented by Martin on the day of court who extruded the same professionalism and diligence as Ronnie, the result was a not guilty verdict.
Thank you both, the firm has been a real pleasure to deal with.
Shona Hogg5/5
Great team. This was my first ever offence and the whole process was completely new to me but Martin represented me and made me feel completely at ease, was so nice and fantastic at his job. Would recommend very highly. The whole process was so easy and efficient.
Julie B5/5
Could not recommend this company highly enough. I blew 7.5 times the limit at the road side and then refused the breathalyser at the police station. Contacted the company via e-mail on New Years Day and Ronnie Simpson called me back the same day and talked me through the process. I was expecting a lengthy ban and a several thousand pound fine but Ronnie and Michael Lyons are so experienced and knowledgeable that they succeeded in getting the case dismissed. I can’t thank them enough!!
Brenda C5/5
Highly recommended! I was charged with being slightly over the limit whilst driving.  Mr Ronnie Simpson was fantastic and helped me through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Thanks to Ronnie's knowledge and expertise, I received a 9 month ban and a very small fine.  This was a great outcome for me as it could have been a lot worse.  Would recommend Ronnie to anyone who has been charged with a road traffic offence!!
Alan Wilson5/5
After being in an accident and subsequently charged with careless driving/taking a red light and causing injury i was appointed a lawyer through my legal cover. This lawyer advised me to plead guilty and accept responsibility which led me to consider other alternatives.

Upon my research I spoke with several lawyers and specifically Michael Lyon Solicitors (The RTL) upon speaking to them and subsequently meeting with Michael Lyon in High street, i was informed I had a good case, should remain calm and we plead not guilty with the intention of going to trial.

On the day i was extremely anxious yet held strong faith in the firm, Michael attempted to get the case thrown out to which the PF agreed however the complainer insisted this went to trial and the trial commenced.

Michael done his thing and done what i thought seemed highly unlikely at the time and secured a NOT GUILTY verdict.

I would very strongly recommend them and their track record which led me to them speaks wonders and would like to say thanks again.
Mohammed Haroon5/5
I was charged with speeding at 79mph in a 50mph limit. I received my citation and immediately contacted Michael Lyons Solicitors, who i have used before and the team jumped into action and supported me throughout, they kept me upto date and upon the day of my trial, Ronnie had me walking out of court with no points or fine. I highly recommend their services. They are the most effective and engaging legal team I have ever come across. Thank you and keep up the great work :)
Richard James5/5
I was charged with being in possession of my vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol and had chosen representation from another law practice in Glasgow. Upon arriving at the court for the initial hearing, I was advised that the charge had been changed to a more serious one of driving under the influence. The lawyer I had representing me at the time indicated that I was looking at a lengthy ban, and appeared very pessimistic about the outcome. After several weeks of no contact from my lawyer, I felt it appropriate to seek better representation and having found the Road Traffic Lawyer online and read through the reviews I decided to give them a call. I instantly felt more positive after my initial call with Michael, and decided to go ahead with representation.

On the day of the intermediate diet, I was greeted by Ronnie Simpson, who within minutes of walking into the courtroom had succeeded in getting the charge reduced back down. I had fully expected to be in and out the court and to discuss the trial ahead with my lawyer, but Ronnie went with his gut. He assessed the situation marvelously and advised me that my best bet was to plead guilty on the day. I trusted him, handed him my license, he walked into the court and defended me and on the way back out he handed me my license back. I was honestly blown away, it was not the result I was expecting but it was the absolute best one I could have hoped for.

I firmly believe, you could not get a better road traffic lawyer. Thank you Ronnie.

About us

Michael Lyon Solicitors Limited is a specialised and experienced team of road traffic lawyers. We have over 40 years combined experience and an outstanding track record in defending clients facing road traffic offences throughout Scotland. In 2007 we made a decision to restrict our practice to the defence of motoring offences and due to our success have opened three offices: our head office in Glasgow; our branch office in Dumfries (since 2011); our office in Inverness (since 2018); and our new office in Edinburgh (since 2019).

Over the years we have represented well-known sports stars, celebrities, Police Officers, Traffic Police Officers, politicians, solicitors, Queen's Counsel, television stars and everyone in between.

We are regularly invited to comment in the national press on matters of road traffic law in Scotland.

We have represented thousands of motorists over the last decade and should your case require our assistance we will offer our services on a fixed-fee basis.

Call our team today for free advice about your road traffic predicament.

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Michael Lyon
MICHAEL LYON is the original road traffic lawyer and has specialised exclusively in the defence of criminal road traffic matters since 2007. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, Michael…
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Ronnie Simpson
Ronnie Simpson
RONNIE SIMPSON, is a former Procurator Fiscal Depute and his insight into the inner workings of the Crown provides a considerable advantage to our Firm. In addition to his legal…
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